About Me

hello! My name is colin walker.

I am a Multidisciplinary designer currently established in Boulder, Colorado. I am a critical thinker using my design skills in order to connect functionality between brand, audience, product, and information. I strive to provide creative design solutions while maintaining strong collaborative relationships.I approach all projects with intuitive research and creative strategies. This process envisions the ultimate outcome that will benefit all principles of any project.

My character

If there is one thing that has driven my development as a designer, it would be my aspiration to assimilate a wealth of knowledge. This enables my ability to use my wide range of skills to communicate across many different spectrum’s of society. I have been given so many amazing opportunities in the past few years such as working in Alaska which has shaped my desires and goals.

My purpose

I have been given this life to find the utmost joy in providing my clients with creative directions for their specific desires while determining their needs, wants and goals. It is up to me to research and develop direction for any possible project involving design, photography, fabrication or fine arts. It all comes down to my desire to push myself farther with my craftsmanship and handmade wares.

My passion

Throughout my entire life, I was always interested in finding various ways of expressing ideas and concepts. This has led me down a path of unbelievable opportunities to drive my passion for visual communicating with the world around me. This fuels my soul to introduce my ideas out into the public and make community and the society a better place.