The Agnishvatta Beakers

Project Description

The Agnishvatta Beakers were designed to be religious relics of an esoteric ideology seen throughout numerous Gnosticism religions. Agnishvatta is defined as one who assimilates a wealth of knowledge through their connection with the sun or solar spiritual fire. The process of creating these vessels requires a great deal of heat and fire which describes my connection to the word. Through this medium of intense fire I have assimilated a wealth of knowledge in regards to my glass blowing skills. During this display the vessels are placed on sacred laser engraved alter pieces with energy stones to assist in the aspect of religious relics.

The process of making the vessels is heavily influenced by medieval glass and forest glass. It contains methods used during the creation of claw beakers and several other decorative attributes. Each vessel has a color overlay and a layer of glass cane. The use of frit is then put into play to obtain specific colored bits for my decorative elements.

Project Details

May 12, 2015


Digital Fabrication, Glassblowing