Ajna Chandelier, Ceremonial Altar & Relic

Project Description

This piece was a continuation of my chandelier series which incorporates the seven chakras. I also involved my other areas of work by combining my recent laser engraved furniture in order to display my hand blow claw beaker vessel. I decided to fabricate this concept in order sum up my work, ideologies and expressions that I have evolved upon throughout my college career. This specific piece incorporates the Third Eye chakra (Ajna) which signifies ones ability to see their high consciousness. The structure is constructed with cleansing dream catchers surrounded by glass crystals that reflect light. The lantern in the middle is a dodecahedron which is the corresponding Third Eye platonic solid. Its goal is to allow the audience to ignite their own light in order to active their Ajna. This activation of ones light allows one to manifest their goals which are to be transmuted through the chandelier pieces and  then visualized collecting into the relic. The relic then contains the transmuted energy becoming a shield against any negative influences. The relic is connected to the alter that contains dream catchers being used to effectively release the energy into the physical realm.

Project Details

March 17, 2016


Digital Fabrication, Glassblowing, Graphic Design, Sculpture