Halibut Cove – An Unexpected Journey

Project Description

This is a book handcrafted, bound, and created my me. It contains up to 140 pages of the breathtaking photography I captured during my stay in Halibut Cove, Alaska while working at The Saltry. The beginning of the book starts off with a foreword explaining how I got the amazing opportunity to come to such a place, my purpose being there and the many things I learned from my experience.

The book is divided up into seven different sections.

The Saltry | Culinary Arts | People of The Cove | Architecture | Landscapes | Wildlife | Aerial Views.

The way the book is laid out gives my audience a way of understanding how complex and vast it is to live in Halibut Cove.

Project Details

January 11, 2016


Digital Fabrication, Graphic Design, Photography