High Celtic Cross End Table

Project Description

Throughout the past few months I have pursued the improvement of my craftsmanship with woodworking. I have found a strong connection to the design of furniture with the use of the laser cutter. This project has guided me down a path of developing a new series of laser engraved furniture. This will be the first of many furniture pieces to come in the following months. This project ended up being a End Table with a High Celtic Cross design. I designed the table to take on another medium I use in many of my sculpture: dream catchers. I built the table with four large holes in the sides of each of the chest walls, as well as, the middle of the shelf. The table was first designed, engraved, constructed and then the finalizing touches. This included staining, weaving dream catchers, and inlaying felt.

Project Details

February 7, 2016


Digital Fabrication, Graphic Design, Sculpture