Magnum Opus Emporium:
Finest Potion Chest

Project Description

This project was started off as a development of a brand typeface which eventually had to have a support piece and concept. I developed a creative direction in the invention of a brand for an emporium which would sell mystic wares related to alchemy & apothecary. The name of the emporium is ‘Magnum Opus’ which translates to ‘The Great Work’ relating back to alchemy and the Philosophers Stone. The brand and typeface were designed first and then came the concept of the finest selection of potions the emporium had to offer their clientele. I constructed a laser engraved chest to hold a selection of four types of potions.. health, mana, stamina and rejuvenation. All the labels are engraved onto colored mat board with the typeface developed for the project. Each potion has a front and a back label in order to communicate the type of potion as well as the ingredients.

Project Details

December 12, 2015


Digital Fabrication, Graphic Design