The Sacral Chakra Chandelier

Project Description

This project is my first glass project for my new independent glass study class. Originally when I took my introduction to glassblowing class I expanded upon my dream catcher sculptures and included glass; thus, I created The Mystic Shard Chandelier. Over the past couple of years I have obtained a new understanding of the material of glass and use of of other technological methods of executing my designs. Therefore, I decided to construct a new chandelier with a light source, It is titled the Sacral Chakra Chandelier. I hand blew all the red and yellow glass crystal forms, designed and laser cut the white birch plywood pieces, constructed the structure out of fiber and dream catchers. The lantern within the chandelier is a Icosehedron shape which has 20 equal triangular faces. It is symbolic of water and our sacral chakra. Water acts as a transport system within our body, providing our cells with necessary nutrients for life. Water is symbolic of the creative force of nature. It is replenishing and destructive, which can create a sense of duality, or inner conflict. This is the essence of chaos, which in turn leads to order and the creation of something new. The sacral chakra represents our sexual and creative energy, a primary source of chaos. In the ancient world, water was seen as the creative source of all life. The whole idea of the piece is to help you meditate and remind you that the power of chaos is a creative and necessary force that will ultimately bring balance to all areas of your life. The sole purpose of this chandelier is to use it when meditating when working with the energies of physical healing to find balance and harmony. The red represents power and energy. The yellow represents the mind and intellect.

Project Details

February 18, 2016


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