The Sorcerers Macrocosm:
Glass Potion & Elixir Bottles

Project Description

This project was solely based around the usage of mold blowing. My goal was to create several different types of potions and elixir bottles with the construction of wood molds. I ended up creating around seven different wood molds to blow glass into and ended up with a good batch of vessels. We then had to create a display for our concept.  My concept was an idea to have a shelf of potions and elixirs to portray the ideologies of alchemy and apothecary. I ended up creating a laser engraved box with a very ornate and sacred looking design. Inside the box were my vessels as well as several other unique objects such as bones, scrolls, books, stones, and a center piece of a clear orb on a icosehedron form.

Project Details

April 12, 2015


Digital Fabrication, Glassblowing, Sculpture